Secretary General

I love being able to take part in exciting and new experiences every day, always seeking something unique and different, be it in classroom settings or in my day-to-day life. The thing that drives me the most is tackling new problems and finding innovative solutions or making an existing solution more apt for the situation. Apart from this I have an inclined interest in dancing and have taken steps towards helping society by being part of an NGO and assisting them with the on-ground and designing activities. I am also truly honoured to be a part of this exhilarating journey!


Deputy Secretary General

I’m Jeisathvajan M, a versatile, diplomatic and open-minded individual with a composed demeanour. I excel in maintaining calm in strenuous situations and am always up for a challenge. Alongside my passion for finding my way through intricate scenarios, I have a deep love for music expressed through my years of playing the guitar. The sense of unity I feel when playing basketball resonates with me, reflecting my appreciation for teamwork. With prior experiences in event management, I bring forth a unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking to every endeavour.


Director General

Hey there! I'm Anika—a soul fueled by my twisted sense of humor, especially when shared with those closest to me. My passion is deeply rooted in problem-solving, and I thrive on challenges. You can trace it in my life choices, from the subjects I delve into to my borderline obsession with solving Rubik's Cubes. It is this desire for problem solving that has led me to continually seek out MUN experiences since Grade 6. Personally, I love having crises in committee as they challenge me to adapt creatively to come up with wild ideas on spot. I strongly believe trying to form alliances with delegates of different countries and competitively take charge of writing a great resolution in committee sessions are integral parts of an MUN.


Deputy Director General

Determined, resilient and adaptable are the words that I would use to describe myself, Ameshini. And of course I've proven those words to be true over and over again through various leadership roles and positions in my old school in Singapore and in my life currently. I love singing and I try to live my life to the fullest, making use of every single opportunity to improve myself. While this is my second SIMUN, I've participated in many debates on important global topics. One quote that I stand by is “Everything happens for a reason and everything works out in the end”.


USG Committees

Myself, a fervent advocate for the harmonious intersection of science, creative arts, and physical well-being. In the realm of science, I am privileged to represent myself as a winner of NSOs, IMOs and IGKOs. Beyond the confines of the laboratory, my heart finds solace in the creative arts like painting and calligraphy. Whether advocating for scientific literacy or contributing to community welfare projects, my involvement in NGOs reflects my dedication to make a tangible impact on the world beyond textbooks and laboratories. I bring with me the valuable experience of collaborative problem-solving, effective communication, and the ability to negotiate towards consensus.


USG Communications

From debating the origins of the universe to delving into an old Led Zeppelin album, I’m ready to learn about pretty much everything under the sun. I’m an active and passionate learner; never hesitating to ask the question “why?” to anything I come across. This quality has helped me dive deep into subjects that especially interest me like science and music. I’ve had many role models in my life that have each imparted a little bit of perspective to me. Thanks to that, I’m gaining a more rounded perspective on issues.
I also love collaborating with people to put those learnings to good use. I’ve taken on leadership roles, public speaking positions at various events and have taken part in teaching guitar and singing to special kids.


Director of Logistics

Michael Jordan once said," it's better to shoot and miss than to let time run out and wonder what if" and I stand by this in everything I do. A hard worker, a deep thinker, and a thorough leader are a few roles that fit me, and I like to live according to those ideals each and every day of my life. By following them, I have had Two majorly Successful MUN experiences, and a plethora of achievements. I try hard to never miss an opportunity and once I land a role, I make sure that I go above and beyond to make it a success.


Director of Operations

​​I am always ready to take on a challenge - whether it's tackling a task or lending a helping hand to someone. Being an inquisitive person leads me to be an avid reader who is constantly seeking to expand her knowledge. In addition to my scholarly pursuits, I have a deep passion for dance and am always ready to try out a new recipe. For me, life is a rhythm that I enjoy dancing to while balancing my responsibilities with a side of curiosity. As a person embodying resilience, optimism, and persistence.


USG Strategy

I am Ashtav, a tech and car enthusiast with a passion for building things and a knack for quick learning. As someone who values teamwork, I find joy in being a team leader and spending quality time with like-minded individuals. Beyond the realm of technology and cars, my love for sports runs deep. I thrive on the challenges of leadership and the camaraderie it brings at its peak. In addition, my dedication to excellence includes supporting original and creative thinking as well as helping cooperative projects flourish to advance both society and the environment in which we live.


USG Event Planning

I am Gopika Sree, a self-motivated risk taker who would love to take responsibility. I am a very socialized person who finds joy by interacting with new people. The one thing that I value the most in my life is time, so I live in the moment. I don't give up easily, and I see my opportunities as a path that takes me to achieve my goals. Rather than planning, the more I am confident in my choices, the more I believe in myself. No matter what, never give up!


USG Event Planning

I, Sanjana Arun, am a passionate individual whose life revolves around the exhilarating world of badminton. My journey is characterized by an unwavering confidence, an optimistic outlook, spontaneity and a flair for public speaking that has been honed through years of experience. I thrive on the ecstasy of conducting events, bringing people together and creating memorable experiences. My zest for life is evident in my proactive approach where I not only seize opportunities but also create them.



I’m extremely passionate about doing social work and dancing. Talking about dancing lights up my soul, it truly fuels my enthusiasm. It’s contagious, and I love sharing that energy with others. Driven by my passion for business and economics, I am equally obsessed with delving into diverse fields, constantly exploring new areas of interest. Even though it’s my first time being a part of the Executive Committee, I enjoy learning new things all the time. I am eager to take an active role in both organizing and executing events, ensuring its success with a wholehearted dedication to responsibility with my peers.



A common phrase used by many to characterise me would be “an old soul residing in a young body”, a result of my natural ability to tackle challenges with a mature and analytical approach. Moreover, my active involvement in both basketball and classical dance has crafted me into a skilful multitasker emphasising the significance of proficient teamwork. I come across as a natural adapter, who loves furry animals and never-ending road trips. I also exhibit a deep passion towards topics of Economics and Mathematics motivating me to explore the intricacies of the world.



I, Janav A.V, firmly believe that the journey to success is best navigated through collaborative efforts. Drawing insights from my individualistic pursuits, such as securing national medals in swimming, I've come to realize that life's joys are amplified when shared with a group rather than pursued in solitude. In the words of my favourite fictional character, Spike Spiegel, 'Whatever happens, happens.' This laid-back philosophy encapsulates my belief in embracing the natural flow of life. I ardently advocate that individuals worldwide seek platforms to nurture their worldviews. Establishing a world where everyone is accepted requires determination and patience, qualities that I am wholeheartedly committed to embody.



Myself, Sanjiv Rayapaa, a passionate individual who takes an interest in bikes and swimming. Having served as the event head for Sunburn NYE Reload Coimbatore, which honed my leadership skills, I also hold national titles in swimming. I have a strong desire to become an entrepreneur, and with my energetic personality and passion for taking on challenges, I aim to leave a lasting impact in the business world. Fuelled by my dedication and determination, I handle responsibilities responsibly and embrace spontaneity for added fun. Building connections with people and embracing strong teamwork are some of my strong suits.



Hey there! I’m Diya, a strong believer in aspects like creative thinking, pragmatism, and living life to its fullest. My personality enables me to bring unique ideas to the room, and find collaborative solutions along with my peers that attempt to instigate positive change towards our world. Apart from my love for social sciences and entrepreneurship, I’m usually known to be an avid travel enthusiast, a ready learner, a wee bit of a perfectionist, and a frequent binge-watcher of Brooklyn 99 or F.R.I.E.N.D.S on Netflix.



Remember The name Sadhya, she is defined as an individual who is very well capable of excellence,perfection and accomplishments.As an ENFP character, she tends to reside onto the bright side of life with the fragrance of confidence. No matter the difficulties in life, she approaches it with tact, skill and bravery. The inert desire for recognition drives her into capturing situations to prove her abilities, for example SIMUN. As a leader, she is willing to apply the required hard work, dedication and take responsibilities to push it into action! She is profoundly grateful for the support provided by her friends and family, and is willing to learn from the mistakes of others and herself, to improve. As an individual she insists on living life to the fullest! and exhibit her potential.



Myself, Sarvikaa Kumaresh is a part of SIMUN 2024, proudly holding the esteemed position of Cultural Manager. Known for a person who is keen and energized to hang out with people and play badminton. In my leisure time, I take pleasure in transforming my creativeness into realistic art and listen to soothing music. With dancing moves I keep myself zestful. I actively involve in diverse activities and social work. I am peculiar about things happening around me. I am passionate about pursuing my career and I am immensely proud to be a part of SIMUN 2024.



Myself, Pradakshina, a person who is energized by spending quality time with people I love. I am holding an immensely strong passion towards dancing, painting and music. I am often crowned a hard and responsible worker, however almost always preferring working with state of mind. I hold bubbly, friendly and kind personality by that has made me enjoy working collaboratively as term. On top of all, I have a huge interest towards doing something creative. I take up my position as a cultural manager due to my passion towards music.



I am Pragul, a simple person with modest expectations in life. Possessing a daring mentality to never back down from any tasks I commit to, I strive to be the most responsible person in the room. I enjoy meeting new people and building networks because I strongly believe that an individual’s greatest asset is their network. I am the type of person who you could usually find participating in marathons, as I believe they are an effective way to hone an individual’s physical capabilities. I also intend to take part in charity runs because it gives me a sense of gratitude, knowing that I am helping others.



As the Charge de' Affaires for SIMUN, I, Rithvika, embodies a harmonious blend of qualities. Preeminently committed to ensuring the happiness of those in my vicinity, my dynamic leadership is characterized by adaptability and versatility, which allows me to navigate the varied terrains of diplomacy effortlessly. Grounded in a profound interest in science, I relish in comprehending the intricacies of the world. By utilizing my natural expertise in event planning, I skillfully coordinate seamless experiences. Furthermore, I am a perpetual learner, always embracing growth. with generosity, empathy, and kindness, I shape myself into a compassionate and effective member of the Executive Committee Utterly dedicated towards the success of SIMUN 2024.



After attending my first MUN, I found a new passion - learning about the world and its facets. I try my best at every opportunity and leave no stone unturned. Participating in many public speaking events and competitions, volunteering in public services and my hobby of reading let me acquire expertise in various fields. With my open mind and quick problem-solving skills, I hope to start a new journey with the SIMUN team.



I have a deep appreciation for teamwork and organization, especially since it’s a major constituent of my future career in the medical field. I find myself spending my free time painting or drawing since it is a hobby of mine that I would love to preserve. I landed my position as the bon appétit in charge due to my love of exploring new cuisines and my passion for health science.



I'm a person with a simple yet refined taste, deeply passionate about the art of dancing, photography and music. While being recognized as a diligent and responsible pupil, I always infuse a bit of humor into my tasks. As an enthusiastic reader, thrillers are my top genre, closely followed by contemporary fiction. My friendly and caring nature makes me thrive in collaborative team environments.



I am a dynamic individual with a vibrant personality who is an avid movie enthusiast and a passionate foodie. I bring energy and enthusiasm to every room I enter and create a welcoming atmosphere with my bubbly nature. I am a person who balances my intellectual pursuits and personal interests. As a cinephile, of course my favourite is Shah Rukh Khan and the best lesson I have learnt from him is to live life to the fullest. “Live, Be Happy, Smile Who knows there may be no tomorrow”



Known for his wide knowledge in programming, Neil Bestin is a quick learner and works well in a team. He is very resourceful and easily approachable. In his free time, he asserts his attention into a plethora of habits, which Includes music, book reading, and has a great sense of adventure.



Hey there, I'm Adharsh, and I’m not just a National champion in Supercross who happens to be an Athletic champion too. I’m an individual with a growing passion for high-speed racing and track and field. Conquering dirt tracks and sprinting towards the finish line, I’ve experienced the thrill of victory and the power of teamwork. It’s not just about the individual triumphs for me – it's about the collective effort. Off the track my personality traits shine through - entrepreneurship fuels my ambitions, confidence propels my journey, and clarity guides my path. Every triumph is not just personal but a testament to teamwork, leadership, and a clear vision.