Hosted by:
The Indian Public School

The Indian Public School, in its motto, strongly believes its role in building future generations and society. Through SIMUN TIPS realizes its dream into a wider perspective, a true dedication to its motto. At TIPS we believe each individual can develop into a Global citizen who has knowledge, compassion, leadership skills and is empowered to stand up to the challenges to understand our world and improve conditions for local and global communities.

Venue: The Indian Public School, Coimbatore

SIMUN Chapter IV
South Indian Model United Nations

South Indian Model United Nations is a public speaking platform for students to interact and enrich their global perspective.

We, as an institution, believe in global co-operation and harmony. Equal voice and equal representation are the key to establish this objective. We hope to innovate and expand on the model United Nations conferences.

SIMUN is well known for its substantiative excellence, and rigorous academic and educational orientation. SIMUN will host delegates across India in its promising 19 committees which is exceptionally promethean and rewarding.

Our entire team is eagerly waiting to invite all of you and make the best SIMUN possible. By engaging in the debate and development process we hope that delegates will find this opportunity as a catalyst to ignite their internal inquisitive nature towards international affairs.

SPECIALITY: SIMUN was built on years of experience running an international conference. Being a protégé, SIMUN provides unforgettable committees for school children. Its dexterity and industrious attitude provide a competitive atmosphere, as well as flourishing confidence for the delegates.

Conference Itinerary

Day 1 (14/04/2023) Day 2 (15/04/2023) Day 3 (16/04/2023)
07.30 AM Breakfast 07.30 AM Breakfast 07.30 AM Breakfast
08.45 AM Opening Ceremony 09.00 AM Leadership Forum 09.00 AM Leadership Forum
10.00 AM Committee Session 1 10.00 AM Committee Session 4 10.00 AM Committee Session 8
11.30 AM Recess 11.30 AM Recess 12.45 PM Lunch
11.45 AM Committee Session 2 11.45 AM Committee Session 5 01.15 PM Committee Session 9
01.00 PM Lunch 01.00 PM Lunch 03.45 PM Recess
02.00 PM Committee Session 3 02.00 PM Committee Session 6 04.15 PM Closing ceremony
03.30 PM Recess 04.00 PM Recess 05.45 PM End of SIMUN Chapter IV
04.00 PM Keynote Address 04.15 PM Committee Session 7
05.00 PM Recess 05.30 PM Recess
08.00 PM Dinner 06.15 PM Social Night
10.45 PM Lights Out 08.00 PM Special Dinner
10.45 PM Lights Out