Joseph Sujith Mareddy Reddy

I am a student from Andhra Pradesh, India. I started my MUN journey about 6 months ago, and I participated in multiple MUNs including Asia Youth International Model United Nations, Kuala Lumpur, IIT Indore MUN 6.0 and International Model United Nations. As a chair, I chaired the Schoolhouse MUN, which happened about a month ago. Besides MUNs, I am also into books, tennis and teaching. Looking forward to SIMUN!

Arkadeep Pal

I am a final year law student; a well-recognized MUNer in the South-Indian circuit and specializes in committees with a mandate of disarmament and territoriality. I have an experience of over 40 Model UN Conferences, including having chaired Model UNs in Harvard Model UN China, and Harvard Model UN India.

Mahaa Arasi Saminathan

I am a senior at The Indian Public School, Cambridge International, and honoured to serve as the Chair for CCPCJ at SIMUN 2023. Having been an avid MUNer since sixth grade, I have attended 8 diverse MUN conferences, all of which have taught me to embrace challenges and strive in life, shaping me into the leader, strategic thinker, orator, collaborator, and problem-solver.

Kaushik Sarma

I am an IT guy on weekdays and a MUN enthusiast on weekends who has a fair share of 9 years in the MUN fraternity. ‘MUN’s take you to places’ literally has worked out for me. I hope to see the best and the brightest of the city come and battle it out while am on the other side of the table.


Aritra Karak

My MUNning experience started in the first year in college and it captured my mind right away. An avid speaker and a passionate debater, my interests and forte lie mostly in the first committee of the general assembly, the UNGA DISEC. And when I am not talking politics is when you'll find me either painting commissions, writing the unending novel or singing at an open mic. A true political mind, I firmly believe all things are naturally political and it is our responsibility to bring about change through it.

Ramakrishna J R

I have participated in over 27 MUNs, in the capacity of delegate, EB member and Organizing committee member. I am currently completing my Masters in Business Administration at PSG Institute of Management. I feel that diplomacy and research are the two essentials that are required to become a good delegate. I wishe to provide a synergistic platform for the delegates to help the delegates become better during this MUN and to learn something new from the delegates.

Sidharth Rajesh

Hello I am Sidharth and I have a keen interest in the fields of space and astrophysics, as well as history and Model United Nations (MUNS). My fascination with the vast expanse of the universe fuels my desire to learn more about the mysteries it holds. As a passionate participant in MUNS, I relish the opportunity to engage in lively debates and discussions surrounding global issues. My diverse range of interests reflects my innate curiosity and desire to understand the world in which we live.

Bhoomika S

Hello, I am Bhoomika. I am 17 years old and your Head Chair for The World Heritage Centre (WHC). I've been to 5 MUNs and helped chair one. Model UN is something I am really passionate about and so I look forward to meeting you all in the conference. All the very best and see you soon.


Raghav Subramaniam

I am a student at SSN College of Engineering. I love participating in MUNs and debate events. Having been a part of the Chennai circuit for more than 7 years, I’ve attended more than 35 conferences, and is excited to be the chairperson of DISEC in SIMUN Chapter 4. I believe that good debate starts with participation and idling is never the way.

Arvind Krishnan

I’ve completed my Bachelors in engineering from Vit Chennai and has always had a keen interest towards culturals and Muns from the very beginning. Having won almost all the events I’ve attended, I am interested in Adzap, Channel Surfing, Shipwreck and Block and Tackle. I have been successful in making my school and college proud having attended MUNs in the capacity of a delegate, executive board member and organising committee member.

Karthik V

I am currently in the 3rd year pursuing law in VIT Chennai. MUNs and culturals has been an integral part of my schooling and has continued showing the same interest in the college life as well. I specialise in Economic and humanitarian committees. I believe that MUNs and debates not only help in developing knowledge about international affairs but they also help in boosting one’s confidence.

Nitin Thilak Lakshminathan

Hii there! This is Nitin Thilak Lakshminathan! I am a compassionate learner and a keen explorer, who loves to analyse problems and view various perspectives; taking part in various MUNs right from childhood, both as an executive board member and as a delegate as well, I have got vast experiences in uniting different point of views and communicating with controversial stands for an overall outcome and taking the leap forward to a united solution.


Vishnu Saravanan

I am an aspiring politician, with a bachelor's degree in Commerce and another one on the way in Political Science. I am an Aspen Emerging Leaders' Fellow, who runs a Youth Education Research Startup that works on providing Policy education to rural youth of India. An experienced Moderator / Negotiator, and is an integral part of the Indian MUN circuit.

Mohammad Zaman

I am a final year law student from CUSAT, Kochi. With MUN experience both within and outside the country, I have excelled as a delegate as well as a member of the EB. My debating skills and vivid personality is sure to make the committee amusing and fun-filled.


Jishnu Shankar

I am a TIPS alumnus and currently studying at King’s College London - The Dickson Poon School of Law which has been consistently ranked one of the top 5 law schools in Europe and top 15 in the entire world. My passion for MUNs and pursuing a legal career both started at SIMUN in 2018. I have a passion for debate, advocacy and public speaking which he continues to pursue at university.

Arjun T Mohan

My name is Arjun T. Mohan and I will be the chair for UNESCO B. I enjoy playing basketball and reading books in my free time and you can usually find me at a restaurant during the holidays as I'm a huge foodie. I have participated in more than 5 MUNs but this will be my first time as a Chair and I'm looking forward to meeting you all!

Harshitha S Prabhu

I am an 18-year-old who has received her IB diploma and is starting college this fall. I have been MUN since 2018, accumulating an experience of 20+ MUNs, both in the capacity of a delegate and a member of the Executive board. Having worked primarily in the school circuit, I understand school delegates on a personal level and makes the perfect addition to a committee of beginners.

Hari Gana Viswath

I am currently pursuing MA in Social Entrepreneurship at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. During the time as an undergraduate student of Engineering, I have done about twenty MUNs at the college level in a diverse range of committees. I’ve initiated and organised TEDx Pollachi in August 2022 and remains as the licensee for the current year. With love and passion for debates of all kinds, I look forward to my first assignment as Chairperson, at SIMUN!


Shruthi Nagappan

I am currently doing final year in Biomedical Engineering at PSG College of Technology and is interning as a data and analyst consultant. Apart from MUNning in the capacity of a delegate for the past 4 years with over 25 MUN experience, with many awards under my belt, I’ve also served as the Secretary General of YLGC MUN '23.

Soorya Subramani

I started my MUN journey in the 8th grade. With a substantial amount of MUN experience under belt, I’ve received accolades for leadership, creative and critical thinking and diplomacy skills. I am open-minded and is always willing to help others, whether it's guiding first-time delegates or receiving criticism from others and reflecting upon it in a positive manner and improving myself. I believe that MUNs should be a fun and collaborative learning experience for everyone involved.

Deekshana Shankar

Hello everyone! I am Deekshana Shankar. I recently graduated from the IBDP at the Indian Public School. I started my MUN journey with the SIMUN 2019. This experience helped me recognise my passion for MUN and advocacy in general. So since then, I went on to gain experience both in India and internationally. attended the Globe educate MUN 2022 organized by the international school of Nice, France. I hope to have a wonderful time with you all at ECOSOC!

Nisa Geed

Hi, I'm Nisa Geed! I've always been passionate about creative work and social justice. I'm going to college for BSc Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence. I can't wait to see the perspectives you'll all be bringing to SIMUN!"


Smiksha Karnavat

If you ever encounter an avid startup incubator pitching at MIT Sloan, bingeing Suits on Netflix, congratulations! I am Smiksha Karnavat. Stemming from my passion for social entrepreneurship and economics, feel free to whiz up a conversation with me on any topic from Rory Gilmore to Nietzsche. Serving in the capacity of an executive board member to more than 30 MUNs I would make sure to make SIMUN an unforgettable experience for every delegate.