Prasheetha Selvaraj

Secretary General

Myself, Prasheetha, a person who is energized by spending quality time with people I love. A person who prefers to be planned and organized rather than being spontaneous. I am extremely passionate about volunteering in NGOs and taking part in social activities. In my leisure time, I enjoy going on long bike road trips, discovering local cuisines, eating loads of chocolates, and punctiliously create my Spottily playlists. On top of all, I have a great interest towards doing something artistic and creative.

Gowri Manoj

Deputy Secretary General

Gowri Manoj, is an avid fan of creative writing and debating. With the will to take up many responsibilities and pull through with her utmost best, she is always ready to challenge herself in any way. She has bountiful experiences of winning various oratory competitions including debates, MUNs, mock interviews, etc. both for intra/inter-school platforms. She is geared up with exuberance and team spirit at the forefront of SIMUN alongside her peers in order to make the event an enriching experience for all.

Tejaasri S.R.

Director General

I am a simple yet sophisticated person, holding an immensely strong passion towards the art of dancing. I am often crowned a hard and responsible worker, however almost always preferring work with a tad bit of humor. I am also an avid reader, with thrillers holding up to be my favorite genre and contemporary fiction following a close second. I hold a bubbly, friendly, kind and caring personality thereby has made me enjoy working collaboratively as a team.

Yuvan Ritvik Ram

Deputy Director General

Having lived in the Midwest region of the United States; he has always had a passion for understanding international relations and resolving conflicts. He has also led a debate team, demonstrating his involvement in leadership positions in the community. In high school, he served as a president of the touring debate team for his school district. When he is not carrying out a research or planning diplomatic events, he may be found exploring the city on his bicycle or playing the piano.

Smiksha Karnavat

USG Committees

If you ever encounter an avid startup incubator, bingeing Gilmore Girls or Suits on Netflix, congratulations! You’ve just met Smiksha Karnavat. Stemming from her passion for social entrepreneurship and economics, feel free to whiz up a conversation with her on any topic from Rory Gilmore to Nietzsche. A paradigm of sheer brilliance, her love for fraternizing with culturally diverse and like-minded peers fascinates her into the world of policy making and longs for her to pursue economics in university.

Akhileeswar Ashok

USG Communications

Akhileeswar Ashok is a member of SIMUN 2023's governing Executive Committee. When tasked with multiple responsibilities, he does it with ease, efficiency, and confidence. In his spare time, Akhileeswar likes to use his past experiences as inspiration for short stories, which he then publishes it on an online platform under a pseudonym. To add further, debates, both formal and informal, are a source of intellectual stimulation for him, and he enjoys such initiatives.

Jivinithii Manimaran

Director of Logistics

MUNs have always sparked my interest. I have participated in various MUNs, including weekly online IMUN conferences, SIMUN and IIMUN. Having the privilege of being a delegate and representing a country at a conference played a significant role in shaping my knowledge. However, this would be my first time being a part of an executive committee for SIMUN, I looking forward to an holistic journey.

Priyanka Joseph

Director of Operations

She is an Indo-Ethiopian. Her ethnicity adds to her charm, having an international exposure makes her very amiable and diplomatic in sophisticated settings. She exhibits strong dedication, tenacity, and ambition in the pursuit of her many passions, which range from oratory to psychological research to visual art to classical dancing. In addition, she was just honored by Bharat sevak samaj with a national award for being the country's youngest environmental social worker. An unconventional individual with the characteristic of looking at the world in a more progressive and non partisan lens.

Rajshree Vignesh

USG Strategy

Rajshree is currently in year 2 of the IB diploma programme, she enjoys photography, and reading crime genre in her free time. Someday, she wishes to run a successful organization and also extend her service and contribution to bring small changes in the world. For her, achieving gender parity requires a concerted, community-wide effort. Further as a nature enthusiast, she aspires to improve the quality of life for all animals and bring a positive impact in the world.

Prateeksha Praveen

USG Event Planning

Conservation of the natural world is her priority, alongside showcasing respect towards all that exists around and all those who are yet to inherit this planet. Her expertise in coordination and team building has enhanced over the years of travelling among versatile communities and cultures. Alongside fruitful learning and victory from debate platforms, seminars, volunteer programs and the Global Leaders Conference UAE 2018 & 2019, she has a passion for literature, music and poetry, its influence embracing her work.

Vikash S.

Resource Planning

Vikash Sivakumar is honored to be part of the executive committee of SiIMUN 2023. Vikash Sivakumar is a team player and is always open to consider others opinions without allowing it to affect his judgment. He reacts quickly to any given challenges and never backs off from facing it. Vikash has always been a self-disciplined person and keeps his body and mindfulness as his first priority. He might not be an active reader but his knowledge about the world is impeccable.

Prathikshaa N.S.

Chief Designer

I, Prathikshaa.NS, despite my belief and support towards individualism, I believe that mutual cooperation and synergy is a way to success. In the face of my interest towards business and economics, I am also a person obsessed with exploring many other fields like fashion illustration and art; owing to the fact that new experiences thrills and intrigues me. I, personally, tend to validate my potential not just based on my academic knowledge, but also on how receptive I am to learning new things.

Sachin Mark Chris

Director of special Activities

I, Sachin Maark Chris, is extremely passionate about football and athletics and is highly motivated to pursue a career in business. I have a great interest in riding bikes and would love to go on long rides. I would actively participate in organising and running any events, and would act with full responsibility in carrying out the event successfully. I enjoy fun, spontaneity and novelty, but I am also practical enough to follow through with things that really matter.

Tanuj Aravind D.

Director of special Activities

Developing a passion for computer science and music production since young age, I attended my first TIPS MUN in Erode in January 2023. I won a special mention award and also learnt a lot of valuable lessons through interacting with fellow delegates. My love for political topics and debates has grown stronger each year ever since I understood their impact worldwide. My ultimate goal is to contribute to society by making effective use of my abilities.

Nikhil Subramani

Cultural Manager

An American citizen of Indian descent, Nikhil Subramani has spent virtually all of his life in south India. He is an outgoing individual who enjoys keeping up with current events. He had previously earned a number of distinctions in quizzes and a great deal of athletic success. He has participated in two MUNs. In the technological society, he aspires to live in independence, honesty and success as a self-made business magnate.

Veda Siddharth R.G.

Charge De’ Affairs

With a passionate interest in psychology and chemistry I am all set ready to be a part of SIMUN. My previous participation in the Model United Nations include two of the
SIMUN events conducted by our school and a Globeducate MUN conducted in France recently. However, my love for the United Nations never ended throughout the years. Combined with my passion for 3D artworks makes my life more interesting day by day.

Diya Surya S.

Director of Administration

Diya a budding guitarist has always been interested in theatre/drama and public speaking. She has also honed her public speaking skills by appearing as a guest speaker at several Toastmasters sessions. Diya aspires to pursue law after graduation, making it imperative for her to enhance her public speaking and writing skills. Despite being new to the concept of SIMUN, she is a valuable asset on the executive committee due to her aforementioned skills and ability to adapt quickly.

Raghav Srinalaraj L.

Bon Apetit In-charge

Raghav Srinalaraj has earned his position as the SIMUN 2023's Bon Appétit in-charge. He is an inquisitive thinker and an extrovert. He is reliable and efficient in handling events. Culinary area seems to be his expertise hailing from a family of successful Food chains. Apart from food his other interest are contact sports like mixed martial arts and boxing and is passionate about cars. Raghav aspires to become a self made individual whose aim is excellence in whatever he pursues.

Arullraj Elangovan

Sponsorship In-charge

Being versatile is his motto. This is reflected in his academics, sports and acting. He has made his Alma mater proud by representing in the Inter-national, National and State level sports tournaments. Athletics, football and karate are his passionate areas and it’s his nature to strive for excellence. He is most approachable due to his cool attitude and socializing skills. Being open-minded and sensitive to others emotions makes him one of the favorites among his peers and juniors.

Raja Shanmuk Shreyan K.

Sponsorship In-charge

Raja Shanmuk Shreyan is delighted to be part of the Executive Committee of SIMUN 2023. Raja is a very resourceful person and is able to coordinate opinions of his classmates effectively. In his free time, Raja takes part in a plethora of sporting events as he prioritizes keeping his body and mind fit. He is also an avid reader and enjoys reading literary classics.